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Special Education

Our educational programs are designed to meet the needs of all students. They promote accessibility, honour diversity and respect, and foster the atmosphere of a Catholic School Community. They are based on the results of continuous assessment and evaluation and includes an Individual Education Plan (IEP) which contains an outline of educational services and specific objectives to meet the needs of the exceptional student. Such programming might be provided within a regular class, with indirect, resource and/or withdrawal assistance, or in a special education class (refer to Life Skill development Centre section below).

Our Programs & Services  ​

At RND exceptional learners have a variety of programs and services available. 

  • Learning Strategies classes (GLE1O/2O/3O)   
  • Literacy and numeracy supports  
  • Counselling 
  • Development and monitoring of Individual Education Plans  
  • Recommendations for Queen's Online to Success and STOMP programs  


Life Skills Centre

This specialized class is designed to better facilitate the needs of students with developmental delays as identified by a system level IPRC. The overall focus of the Centre is to promote basic literacy and numeracy skills, and personal, social and life skills. Life Skills students are integrated throughout the school with educational supports when required. Students participate in assemblies, Masses and all other school activities. With support, students also participate in cooperative work placements in order to gain the experiences necessary to become as independent as possible. Throughout their secondary school career, transition planning with the student, parents/guardians, teachers and a board appointed transition facilitator develop a process to ease the transition to the post-secondary environment. Programming is individualized for each student through Individual Educational Plans. When the students complete their secondary school years, they receive a Certificate of Accomplishment. 

Individual Education Plans  

An IEP is a written plan which describes the strengths and needs of a pupil and the special education programs and services established to meet the pupil’s needs. An IEP creates opportunities for parents, teachers and others involved with the pupil to work together to identify individual learning needs and to develop specific strategies and/or adaptations which will address these needs.  

The IEP includes: 

  • specific educational expectations 
  • an outline of the special education program and services that will be provided 
  • a statement about the methods by which the child’s progress will be reviewed 
  • a transition plan to appropriate post-secondary activities, such as work, further education, and/or community living 

Planning for Success​